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PhiConnect Return Service

By PhiConnect.com  (released Oct 19, 2009)
Reduce buyers' disputes, phone calls, e-mails, negative feedbacks and increase buyer satisfaction. Accept and manage return requests and inquiries online with streamlined returns and integrated customer communications.
Categories: Customer support, Shipping & payments
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Key features

Key features
  • Online return form in a customized URL for a seller to attach to the seller's e-mail template and/or listing template (ex: http://return.phiconnect.com/id/your-eBay-id )
  • Buyers will send their return request after filling out the online return form
  • RA # auto generation
  • Send and receive eBay messages and keep track of records automatically
  • 4 step easy management: return request, authorize/deny, inspection, and conclusion
  • Reduce disputes, phone calls, e-mails, and negative feedbacks
  • Increase buyers' satisfaction


PhiConnect provides an online return service so that buyers and sellers can manage better return processes with less Paypal disputes, phone calls, e-mails and negative feedbacks. Once you have signed up for this 'Online Return Service', you will receive your own personal link, http://return.phiconnect.com/id/your-eBay-id. You can attach this link to your e-mail template or listing template. Now, buyers will know where to start for their return/repair request. There is a growing number of Paypal disputes and eBay negative feedbacks. This is because buyers don't know how to request for returns and sellers are not there when buyers need their help for a return.

  • Provide a 24 hour Online Return Service to buyers for better communication
  • Store all return requests and inquiries in one database
  • Respond to your buyers at your convenience by using eBay messages
  • Don't worry about your e-mails being sent to a spam folder
  • Reduce time and money for return processes
  • Improve in-house management with notes
  • Reduce Paypal disputes and negative feedbacks
  • Increase DSR
Return Processing is one of the problem areas for all e-tailers. Now, you can provide PhiConnect Online Return Service to your buyers at flat rate of $9.95 per month. Buyers can easily fill out the return form online and wait for your response.

Additional resources

Application requirements

Supported browsers:
Internet Explorer 6 and later, Firefox 2 and later
Supported languages:
Supported eBay sites:
Required eBay subscriptions:

Application support

Application support
  • E-mail support available at info@phiconnect.com
  • Tutorial video is available