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Use these applications to improve your buyers’ experience with an enhanced checkout functionality. Offer more payment types, customize shipping options, calculate taxes, and suggest other items to buy. Integrate payments with your inventory for more accurate fulfillment.

4 applications found

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ShipSaver Shipping App

By SellerJam, LLC  (released Nov 03, 2009)
Save money on USPS labels & insurance. Bulk Print and insure - auto sync of tracking #'s back to eBay.
Categories: Checkout, Shipping & payments
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WWW Domain 4 My Store

By HighVolumeSeller.com  (released Jul 05, 2011)
Get a WWW .COM pointed at your eBay Store or items! Free to search - $17.95 per year for a domain - cancel anytime. Now you can pass around an easy to remember WWW link and lead customers directly to all your i...
Categories: Checkout, Marketing & merchandising
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Feedback Pro

By High Volume Seller  (released Mar 24, 2011)
Improved feedback results in more sales! Increase your feedback score with powerful eBay feedback tools! Feedback Pro reminds customers to leave feedback and alerts you when they do. You can also automatically ...
Categories: Checkout, Customer support
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Storefront Pro

By Storefront Pro  (released Aug 02, 2013)
Ready for an exciting presence that really stands out? Previously, you had to hire an expensive professional to sync your eBay items to a website. Now with Storefront Pro, you can in a few clicks!
Categories: Checkout, Marketing & merchandising