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By MyStoreCredit.com  (released Aug 14, 2009)
FREE way to increase repeat sales by as much as 500%. Easy to use. You control rewards.
Categories: Marketing & merchandising, Research & reporting
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Key features

FREE! Run YOUR own buyer reward program on eBay and increase your repeat purchase rate as much as 500%.

Gets your buyers to buy from you again and again and again. This free and powerful tool, helps you increase your repeat sales rate by an average of 300%. When buyers join and make a repeat purchase, you reward them with a small cash-back reward of 2-5% back on the payment price (you set the percent).

Everything is automated. Set-up in five minutes and it runs automatically. The tool also includes a FREE powerful email feature that automatically gets your buyer's opt-ins and then sends those opted-in buyers emails.

These emails intelligently cross-promote the right product from your active eBay items to drive that repeat sale. You can even customize your own emails with your own messages and logo.


The best app on eBay -- drives repeat sales as much as 500%
MyStoreRewards increases your repeat sales rate on eBay by an average of 300%, with some sellers seeing a 500% increase. You get the simplest buyer rewards program on earth and a powerful, eBay-certified provider email marketing tool free. The automated email program will bring the buyers back to your listings and the automatica buyer reward will encourage your buyer to buy again. It is like Oreo Cookies and milk! The two go together! For the email program, MyStoreRewards gets buyer opt-in and sends emails promoting your items automatically for you.

How much more could you sell if you offered your very best buyers a small cash-back reward when they buy more from you?
With MyStoreRewards, we know the answer: Our sellers see an average 300% increase in the repeat sales rate for our sellers over 12 months. You need ZERO technical skills to operate your MyStoreRewards program. It takes only minutes to set-up and no time after that. But don't take our word: We are one of the most highly rated apps on eBay and both PayPal and eBay have given MyStoreRewards more awards than any other single application ever run on the eBay platform. MyStoreRewards really is the simplest rewards program on earth. The service is 100% free of fees (you only pay cash-back rewards). And remember, rewards are issued ONLY if the program helps you drive a repeat sale.

How does it work?
Once you sign-up, MyStoreRewards will automatically place a small reward image into your eBay listings so your buyers can see how they will earn cash-back rewards for becoming a loyal buyer to you.

Once they buy, MyStoreRewards will send your buyer a single invitation email inviting them to join your MyStoreRewards program. All of this is approved by eBay. Your buyer opts to join by clicking a link from the invite email. Once they join, MyStoreRewards helps you drive repeat sales by automatically sending each opted-in buyer a custom email every 10 days promoting your other eBay items.

The items are intelligently chosen automatically for each buyer based on their last purchase. You choose the cash-back reward amounts to give to your buyers. The rewards are better than coupons, they are earned only after a purchase. 72 hours after purchase your buyer gets their cash-back reward from you. This is YOUR program, so you choose the cash-back reward based on their total payment to you (product plus shipping), minimum 1 percent, and you set a maximum reward amount, we recommend 10.00 in your local currency.

Next, we help you grow your business by sending those all important marketing emails to your buyers. Emails are fully-automated for you and go out every 10 days. You won't need to do anything. The emails are tracked so you can see stats on open rates, click-through rates and repeat purchase rates.

MyStoreRewards keeps working for you.
When your buyer opts-in and when those opted-in buyers make repeat purchases from you, MyStoreRewards will automatically calculate and process your buyer rewards using PayPal. You can automate the process or manually issue it. Before it is issued, you get to review the file. It’s just that simple.

MyStoreRewards really is your store rewards program.
You have 100 percent control of cash-back reward amounts and you can control and review every part of the reward process. We do not charge any fees. You can cancel at any time and there are no long term commitments. The service is completely free from us to you. Obviously, you do pay buyer rewards, but those rewards are from you to your buyer and are paid only after a buyer purchases from you.

Our email service meets all eBay and PayPal requirements and MyStoreRewards is white-listed with all major email services to ensure email delivery.
We make it our business to know email laws and policies so you won't have to.

Give us a try. You will love the way MyStoreRewards will drive your sales. Act now! It is FREE for you to do so.

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