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Canvasee Listing App

By G&G Commerce, Ltd.  (released Apr 05, 2012)
100% Free Advertisement Service for your selling items at eBay starts instantly just by subscribing to this application. Your items will be advertised to a millions of potential bidders/buyers at Google, SNS and other sites with attractive Canvasee Widgets by Canvasee Free Advertisement System and thousands of widget owners. Canvasee Search Engine Widgets and Store Widgets with your own logo can be created fast & easily within a few minutes with much stimulating excitement.
Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising
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Key features

  • You can use the newest Visual Search Engine Widgets and self-store Boutique Apps.
  • You can increase and promote your sales furthermore by linking your fashion items to this advertising system.
  • Countless number of people will distribute the widgets to their potential bidders/buyers through emails, blogs, SNS and any other site.
  • eBay sellers can have attractive widgets which will have their ONLY selling items displayed.
  • 100% FREE Advertising Service for all eBay sellers, bidders/buyers & affiliates!


The Advertising Service is 100% Free and supported with the newest widgets for all eBay sellers, bidders/buyers, and affiliates. Canvasee is a patented and multipurpose advertising system. The service will start right after subscribing to the Canvasee Application. For increasing your sales, you can link your fashion items to the Canvasee Application.
The generated HTML code of the 2.9D widgets for your potential bidders/buyers may be pasted to any SNS sites and web sites for your future possible bidders/buyers.
Canvasee is Compatible Application ONLY eBay in the world that focuses on searches of the fashion related items by using the fascinating widgets.

Free Advertising Service
You have already become an advertiser for free since you have subscribed using the Canvasee Application. If you want to promote the sales for free, you can link your items to the Advertising System through "Link for free Ads" section.

2.9D Widgets for bidders/buyers
There are two kinds of the latest widgets for the widget distributors and advertising subscriber's selling items: Search Engine Widgets and Self Store Widgets. Search Engine Widgets help bidders / buyers find their Most Wanted fashion items easily and accurately. Self Store Widgets help the subscribers display their items at the widget shopping Items View Panel. Both widgets are for displaying current selling items at eBay's women's fashion category. By pasting the generated HTML code to your wanted web pages of your choice. You can also create your own widgets and service them to for your potential bidders/buyers with your own store logo for your potential customers.

As an eBay Seller
You can link items to the Canvasee Free Advertising Service or create your own widgets to bring items to any other sites. And if you have an eBay Affiliate ID you may even get affiliated commission from eBay!

How Canvasee Widgets Marketed?
Countless number of people will distribute these widgets to their potential customers through emails, blogs, SNS and others sites as well. Your selling items will be automatically linked to these widgets when you subscribe to the Canvasee Application. Sellers and owners of the affiliated widgets will distribute widgets to the potential bidders/buyers through emails, blogs, SNS (Social Networking Service) sites and other web pages.

Additional resources

Application requirements

Supported browsers:
Internet Explorer 7 or later, Firefox 2 or later, Opera 8 or later, Google Chrome, Safari
Supported languages:
Supported eBay sites:
Required eBay subscriptions:

Application support

Contact Us
Email: hanasys06@hotmail.com
Website: www.canvasee.com
If there is any problem related to using the Canvasee application, please take the time to fill out the eTicket Support System at Support Menu and get help from our support department.