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My.ShipRush Ship Center

By Z-Firm LLC  (released Aug 19, 2009)
The best FedEx and USPS shipping system for eBay. Receive feeds from eBay, PayPal and other ecommerce systems. Fast, easy and free.
Categories: Shipping & payments, Customer support
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Key features

  • FedEx shipping system for eBay & PayPal sales
  • See all ecommerce sales activity across multiple channels in one place
  • Print FedEx and USPS shipping labels (with FREE shipping plugin)
  • Customer service staff can look up tracking numbers and shipment status
  • Easily share shipment history with off site customer service staff
  • The shipping hub for ecommerce
  • Free!


FedEx Shipping for eBay & Multi-Channel Ecommerce

Get the %100 FREE bulk FedEx shipping tool for eBay AND get integration to over a dozen ecommerce systems and carts.
  • eBay sales
  • PayPal transactions (for on- and off-eBay sales)
  • Magento
  • Zen Cart
  • OsCommerce
  • Volusion
  • Google Checkout
  • Yahoo Stores
  • Amazon
  • ... and more!


Advanced shipping features to save you time and automate your business!
  • Print shipping labels (with free shipping plugin)
  • Email notifications
  • Electronic scale support
  • Bulk shipping system for FedEx
  • Print packing lists singly or in bulk

Customer Service

Your Customer Service team can now manage and monitor your ecommerce business from one place.
  • See sales from all your ecommerce channels
  • Monitor and manage which have shipped and which have not
  • Look up sales and shipment information from a single console
  • Allow Customer Service to work remote from the shipping department


  • No more flipping between multiple merchant consoles
  • Stay focused by working from a single "to do" list
  • Easily share access to shipment history with co-workers or outsourced customer service
  • My.ShipRush is free to try and free to use.

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Application requirements

Supported browsers:
Internet Explorer v7 and v8, Firefox 3.x, Chrome
Supported languages:
Supported eBay sites:
Required eBay subscriptions:

Application support

My.ShipRush support is available online for free. The My.ShipRush forums:


are staffed by My.ShipRush experts and eBay Certified Consultants. Email us at: