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Quantity Manager

By NullApps LLC  (released Aug 14, 2009)
Scarcity sells. Quantity Manager allows sellers to improve the apparent scarcity of their fixed price listings to encourage more buying activity.
Categories: Inventory
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Key features

  • Automatically maintains low inventory levels across all listings.
  • Improves appearance of scarcity within the seller's listings leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Can relist automatically if a listing does end.
  • Smart Relist behavior to relist or sell-similar depending on current best match score.
  • Automatically keeps track of total inventory when refreshing to prevent overselling.
  • Ability to set the total inventory and available quantity of all listings at once or individually.
  • Ability to set default quantities and smart behavior leading to one time setup.
  • Email notification when inventory levels are low.
  • From sale to quantity refresh in as few as 6 seconds.
  • Support for multi-variation listings.
  • Technology has been active and tested since October 2008.


Quantity Manager automatically handles the available quantity of fixed-price listings. This allows sellers to keep an artificially low quantity visible to buyers at all times without running the risk of the item ending. This helps improve the perceived scarcity of the listing and can lead to higher conversion rates.

Two criteria that determine placing in best match are "recent sales" and "listing performance." By using Quantity Manger to improve the likelihood of making a sale the seller can also increase their best match ranking leading to even more sales.

The seller simply tells Quantity Manager the quantity in stock (Inventory) and the fixed available quantity (Display) to maintain in their listings. Quantity Manager refreshes an item's available quantity each time a buyer makes a purchase until the seller runs out of that particular item. Sellers can even set default quantities and enable the built in "smart" behavior so they never have to setup another item ever again.

If a listing does end due to time running out or reaching a quantity available of 0, Quantity Manager can relist the item automatically. If enabled, the "Smart Relist" behavior will take into account your recent sales score and can relist or sell-similar depending on which is more beneficial to you. This allows for the retiring of poor performing listings replacing them with a fresh listing with a reset "best match" score.

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Application requirements

Supported browsers:
FireFox 3.0, Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Chrome, Safari
Supported languages:
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Application support

Support is handled through our Zendesk ticketing system at https://qtyman.zendesk.com .

We try to support all our users as quickly as possible with most issues being fixed within a matter of hours.

If you do not receive a reply within 12 hours please check your junk mail or check our Zendesk to see if we've already answered. If all else fails contact eBay user qtyman