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Teapplix TShip

By Teapplix Inc  (released Jan 28, 2010)
Generate up to 2000 labels in one batch! Quickly print out shipping labels from saved product information including weight, dimensions and shipping options.
Categories: Shipping & payments
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Key features

Remember Weights and Shipping Methods

  • based on item title or sku
  • can store separate weights for multiple quantities
  • precise to fraction of an once

Flexible Sorting:

  • by date
  • by SKU - location code
  • by zip

Automates USPS and UPS shipping

  • bulk print up to 2000 labels per batch
  • predefined queues base on carrier and label type
  • automatically filled and signed customs forms
  • Item SKU on the shipping label

Shipping and Insurance Discounts

  • Discount USPS Priority & Express Mail Shipping Labels
  • Discount Shipping Insurance

Complete Order History

  • complete searchable order history
  • one click returns and RMAs
  • return shipping labels


Batch USPS & UPS Shipping and Discount Insurance

Teapplix TShip automates the process of generating shipping labels in bulk. We support very large batches through integration with Endicia DaZzle and UPS WorldShip.

Teapplix also offers the capability to purchase discount USPS Priority & Express Mail shipping labels without additional subscriptions. You can also purchase discount shipping insurance through the program.

With a few clicks, you can generate up to 2000 labels in one batch. Pre-built queues make it easy to bulk print labels for USPS Domestic, USPS International First Class, USPS International Priority and UPS. Our shipping labels can have a customizable SKU on them, and be sorted by your inventory / location to make packing fast.

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    ie, firefox, safari
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    Application support

    You can obtain support via email at support@teapplix.com or phone 650-516-6058.