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Elite Sellers Traffic Net

By EliteSellersTrafficNet.com  (released May 09, 2013)
Have thousands of other eBay sellers recommending your items across the marketplace for Free, plus have your listings receive major Search Engine boosts by Upgrading.
Categories: Marketing & merchandising, Listing
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Key features

Are you one of the selected few?
Search for and exchange item recommendations on eBay Collections with potentially thousands of other sellers having the most optimum value. (A maximum of 100 collections with 200 items each are allowed. Do the math)

Additionally, you will also get your listings frequently indexed by top search engines for much better ranking.

The search results you get display sellers who are very likely to exchange item recommendations with you because they list non-competing cross-selling items, and are within your trading level.

This ensures that in this joint venture, no party is disadvantaged and the partnership is of great mutual benefit.

And even if you join and create connections with thousands of other sellers but later decide to leave the service, you still get to keep all recommendations to your items in their collections because they are already live on eBay!


These are just some of the great benefits to you;


- Relevant links to your items across eBay that spread your brand, generate much more traffic and sales, and improve search rankings.

- Optimized Seller Search to easily find potential connections.

- A ready made invitation message template and direct –to-seller message page links for easily sending connection requests .

- Monitor your peer-to-peer network of Cross-Connections.

- Manage your connections and see sent and received invitations, plus active and inactive connections.

- You can schedule automatic submissions of your eBay listing’s RSS feeds to top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. for higher search engine ranking. (Only on the Elite Plan Paid Upgrade)

- You can post your listings on your own free blogspot page hosted by Google for higher search engine ranking. (Only on the Diamond Plan Paid Upgrade)

- Earn Connectivity Points based on how many sellers you have connections with and gain access to a private and exclusive section with special offers.

Additional resources

Opt-out from receiving requests from other sellers to recommend your items

Check-out our comprehensive FAQ for self-help guidance

See how Ping updates lead to Higher Search Rankings

Application requirements

Supported browsers:
Current versions of IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc
Supported languages:
Supported eBay sites:
Required eBay subscriptions:

Application support

While we strive to reply to support requests, our support team has been scaled down to enable us provide this service at an affordable cost.
So please first visit our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page which covers almost all issues.

If your issue is not addressed there and is considered critical, submit a Support Ticket to Support@EliteSellersTrafficNet.com and we'll look into to the issue.