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By L and J, LLC  (released Dec 05, 2011)
A live chat application for you and your eBay customers! Chat with customers on eBay and your website, custom styled chat buttons, extremely easy to use app, integrates with IM clients so you can answer questions from your Smartphone, and more great features. Answer questions right away and get more sales!
Categories: Customer support, Marketing & merchandising
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Key features

Note: Due to eBay getting rid of About Me pages, you MUST have an eBay store to use this app.

- Can use on eBay and on your website.
- Utilizes a small customer chat request window, so that you can use your desktop while staying online.
- You do not have to stay logged into eBay to answer chat requests.
- Set your status to offline or online at the click of a button.
- "Chat Now" button changes to a "Send me an Email" button when your status is offline.
- Multiple button styles to choose from, and can easily be switched between the different styles.
- Chat via smart phone with a free Jabber or Google Talk account.


More Features:

- Save common answers, so you can easily insert them into the conversation.
- Mulitple button styles to choose from.
- Both you and your customers can print the chat log and even email it to themselves.
- You can access chat logs for up to 30 days.
- The details for the item (and a link to the page) the customer is looking at shows on your chat form.
- Create multiple operators to help you answer chat requests.
- Chat with your smart phone using our google talk or jabber instant messenger interfaces. Don't have a gtalk or jabber account? No worries it's easy and free to get one.

Why use eLiveHelp?

Buyers will appreciate being able to get answers right away, leading to more bids. Since we also developed eTextAlert we give your customers access to text and email alerts at no charge! You also have the ability to use the chat app on your website! You can answer chat requests from both places with our customer list window, and even on your smart phone using our google talk or jabber instant message interface. Have too many chat requests coming in? No problem, just create additional operators and get someone to help you.

Why subscribe to one of our apps?

- Fanatic customer support. Have a problem or question? Just let us know; we answer support requests fast.
- Forgot to cancel before your trial was up? No problem we'll refund you.
- Want a new feature? Just let us know, we're always looking for ways to improve our applications.

Additional resources

Application requirements

Supported browsers:
all modern browsers
Supported languages:
Supported eBay sites:
Required eBay subscriptions:

Application support

- Email using the Contact Us link above.
- Live chat or post a comment on http://ljapps.com/elivehelp-ebay-live-chat-seller-application/