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Ki Terminator

By KiOui llc  (released Dec 26, 2012)
Best ender/ re-lister, duplicate finder, and bad image finder!
Categories: Inventory, Listing
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Key features

  • Schedule the end of a listing in the future or right away.
  • Schedule the re-list of a listing in the future or right away.
  • Schedule the end of a listing and ask the app to re-list it a day later.
  • Sell Similar with your actual on hand quantity NOT the original quantity.
  • Duplicate listing finder.
  • Get notified through the process.
  • Selling Manager Widget/Gadget
  • Try it free for 7 days!


99 cents a month for the best ender and re-lister scheduler. Use this application to "sell similar" your items to give them a newly listed status. With Ki Terminator you will be able to automate and schedule ending items as well as re-listing items. Both can be set separately or re-listing can come after the ending. The app will notify you if you ask it to through the process. It now also includes a duplicate listing finder and a "photo optimizer" which automatically detects your photos that are less than 500 pixels.

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